Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Game Over.

The original Dungeon Master Gary Gygax has died. When I first discovered Dungeons and Dragons, I was amazed by the amount of creativity and research that went into the creation of the fantasy game, and amused by the humor of it all. I began actively gaming when I was in high school, using the 2nd Edition rules, which still bore great resemblance to Gygax's original ruleset. I only gamed for a few years, but I remember them fondly, and still take an interest in it, albeit as a spectator. These days I get my fantasy fix from Neverwinter Nights.

Via Michelle Malkin, you can discover your D&D character here. My results? Lawful Good Elf Cleric. Amusing, considering that the character I most enjoyed playing was a Chaotic Neutral Wizard (my, how times change!).