Friday, December 28, 2007

Dubious Distinction.

It's amazing what Sitemeter can tell you about traffic to your site. One of the features it has is to show you the referring link to your site, so you can see where people are coming from. Lately the bulk of my traffic has been coming from Google searches of XP vs Vista (my thoughts on which you can find here).

Today, however, I was rewarded with a treat. The latest referring link came from a post at Type it in your browser if you want - I'm not giving this guy any free traffic. At first glance, it looks like RIGHTWINGSPARKLE, a blog on my blogroll. Looks can be deceiving I found, as I clicked the link and came upon a typical, filth spewing left-wing blog, evidently dedicated to highlighting those of us on its 'G-list' of wing-nut bloggers.

Then I decided to check my email, and what did I find in my spam folder, of all places? A brief love-letter from Mr. Snarkle himself, informing me that he has added me to his blogroll. It seems he has dubbed me "Tennessee Jed." While I feel flattered to have earned such a distinction, I'm offended that he has seen fit to try and hijack one of my favorite blogs. So, here you go: the real RIGHTWINGSPARKLE. Enjoy.