Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm With Fred.

But is Fred with me? That's the question these days. I'm conservative, and have voted Republican since I graduated college and was cured of my youthful liberalism. However, in the rush to jump into the election waters for 2008 before the pool is filled, the Republicans have come up with a pretty lackluster field of candidates. All have their pluses and minuses, but none really seems to capture what conservatives are looking for these days: someone who believes in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and can be a leader in time of war, and a social conservative.

Enter Fred Thompson. While others debate the ins and outs of McCain, Giuliani, and Romney, Fred has swooped in and captured the hearts of many conservatives without even declaring his candidacy. His commentaries and speeches make conservative hearts skip a beat, and he seems to have the gravitas needed in a leader. Hence the question. No one knows how much of the Hollywood actor is in the commentaries, and if he has the strength of will to back it all up at the test. Giuliani has demonstrated his ability to lead in a crisis, and Romney has fairly good conservative credentials. Either one could possibly do the job, and do it well; but for now, I'm with Fred.