Sunday, September 16, 2007

Believing in Blue: Colts 22, Titans 20.

Well, the Boys in Blue pulled it out in the music city today to go 2-0. Tennessee gave them a tough go, and played the full sixty minutes. It came down to a huge defensive stop and Tennessee fumble with 4 seconds to go.

The Colts played fairly well today, though they seemed a little less sharp than they did last week. Perhaps that's due to the Titans being so familiar with the Colts or two of our starting linebackers being out. The defense played worse against the run by giving up more yards, but they did not get gashed nearly as badly as some games last year. Vince Young was either better contained or more patient. It looked again as if the defense ran out of steam in the latter part of the game, though they came up with the big plays when it counted.

The offense was its usual productive self, though the interception intrigues me. Why did Reggie Wayne stop and look for a flag? They never said if he was hurt or not, and he came back in on the next possession with a big catch. Finish the play, and then worry about whether or not there should be a penalty flag. The line had a tough fight in this game, and Tennessee brought lots of different pressures. Everyone talks about rookie Tony Ugoh at left tackle when it was the right tackle and the guards getting called for the penalties and allowing the sacks.

The win is good, but I hope the close score does not become the pattern this year; last year was enough of that!