Saturday, September 29, 2007


Or not. US Rep. Julia Carson has missed 13% of her votes this year in Congress. Sometimes she has to have someone help her cast her vote, coming dangerously close to violating the rules of the House. She intends to run for another term in 2008.

I don't wish harm on Ms. Carson, and I hope she recovers from her infection, but one would think that she would realize it is time to quit and let more vigorous candidates run for the job. She is not serving her constituents if she is not able to execute her office. This notwithstanding the fact that she is on the opposite side of the political aisle from me, and thus does not represent me anyway. But she is not serving the people who voted for her, either.

The paper has also hinted that she is grooming her grandson, Andre Carson, recently elected to the City-County Council, to run for her seat in the House when she retires. While I have deep misgivings about such a situation, at least he would be young enough to participate and make sure that Indianapolis' citizens have their voice in government.