Friday, September 7, 2007

Believing in Blue: Colts 41, Saints 10

Football season is officially underway and Colts fever has hit in a big way. I had to work last night, so I missed watching most of the game, but it looks as if the Colts are off to a good start.

The big concern in the media was the number of rookies that are starting for the Colts, but I didn't see where they were that much of a detriment. They played well for their first time out, and in some cases it looked as if they played better than last year's group. The defense did especially well against the run, and seemed to be tackling better than in years past. They seemed to run out of steam a little in the late stages of the game, though, and did not look quite as sharp on some plays.

The offense was its usual efficient self, and I think having a rookie to spell Joe Addai is not going to be a big issue. Keith ran well the few times I saw him, and the line is good at opening holes for anyone. I think we'll see a big year for the offense now that the ridiculous pressure of the media's "can he win the big game?" is off of Manning.

It's always good to start the year off with a win.

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