Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back in Time.

Fans of Back to the Future have something to cheer about with the news that Steven Wynne, president of the DeLorean Motor Co., will begin producing DeLoreans from his stock of replacement parts.

Prospective buyers had better be connected though, because while the cars are not terribly expensive by collector's sports car standards (about $57,000), DMC only has enough parts to build 500 cars and ensure that they have enough parts left over to maintain them.

The DeLorean has never been one of my favorite cars. It's styling is rather bland, even for the Eighties, and I never understood why they put a puny non-turbo (originally) V6 into a sports car. Apparently the new iteration of DMC's cars will include upgraded electronics, better construction, and as an option, a peppier engine package. I suppose it's good for those who are fans; you just won't see me chomping at the bit to be one of the lucky 500.

The real stroke of genius here is the way Wynne has ensured continuance for his business, which is primarily maintaining surviving DeLoreans.