Saturday, August 11, 2007


This post really convicted me today.

"Ironically, though we live in a free society, we often act as if we were in a restricted nation like North Korea without access to God’s Word. Our Bible reading is sporadic and seldom—as if we did not have a copy of Scripture at all."

How many times have I decided to start a routine of Bible-reading and then fall behind after a couple of weeks? I have at least five or six Bibles laying around the house, and yet it takes a supreme effort sometimes to pick one up and read a few verses. It's humbling and shaming when I hear about the excitement of someone who hears scripture for the first time, or someone who hears it only sporadically because it is not available, yet I cannot remain consistent when I have the Word of God constantly at my disposal.

However, though I'm not perfect, I'll still take comfort that God can still use me in my imperfection. After all, if he can use an adulterer and a murderer for His good purposes, what can he not do with me?