Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sick Story of the Day.

Yet another example of someone only thinking of himself.

"A husband, financially desperate because of his wife’s medical problems, walked
her to the balcony of their fourth-floor Kansas City apartment, kissed her, then
threw her to her death, according to court documents filed Wednesday."

More info here.

I simply can't understand it when someone does something like this. I'm sure we'll hear about how it might not have happened if we had universal health care, but that just dodges the main issue, I think.

Only selfishness could lead someone to kill his spouse because he couldn't afford to pay her medical bills anymore. Unfortunately, as our society continues to embrace the 'all about me' culture, we'll only see events like this become more common. Marriage is popularly viewed as a source for personal gain, useful only as long as it pays dividends, and abandoned once it becomes a burden. Why else is the divorce rate so high, and cohabiting viewed as a wise alternative to marriage? The truth is that we are afraid of the sacrifice that must go along with marriage, and seek to avoid it any way we can, even if it means just pretending to be married.

Parent killing child, spouse killing spouse. How much lower will we sink before the end?

Update: The American Thinker picks up the story and gives some interesting insights on universal health care.