Monday, August 20, 2007

Hostage in Afghanistan Update

The mainstream media continue to ignore the plight of the hostages in Afghanistan, but there are some new developments.

First, the pregnant German relief worker who was kidnapped the other day has been rescued. She was part of a Christian relief group.

The South Korean hostages are showing courage by going on a hunger strike, demanding that the Taliban hold them together as one group. The Taliban have separated them into small groups and are holding them in different locations to stave off any rescue attempts. Bravo for the hostages - they're showing more guts right now than anyone else, especially since a new deadline has been set, and they could be killed at any time. The Taliban have reduced their demand to eight thugs, rather than the twenty-three they originally insisted upon.

Continue to pray for the hostages, thanking God for their courage, and that they will be delivered. Pray also that the rest of the world will remember them before it's too late.

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