Friday, August 3, 2007

A Taliban Apologist at Work.

Read it all, if you can stomach it. He is basically saying that what the Taliban are doing in regards to the South Korean hostages is wrong, but can you blame them? He also wonders what the South Koreans were doing there anyway, when they had no business being there. After all, America was the one who declared war.

In addition, he points out that blaming Islam for what the Taliban are doing is like blaming Christianity for the IRA terrorist acts, or the Holocaust. It's interesting that he uses that example, since what the Taliban are demanding is little different from the Nazis sequestering allied journalists and diplomats during WWII, demanding the release of German agents in return. It was thuggery then, and it's thuggery now.

His comparison of the British occupation of India to the US mission in Afghanistan is both ignorant and repugnant. The British occupation of India was begun by the East India Trading Company, not the British government. It's purpose was exploitation. The US invasion was not one of conquest, but to attack our enemies and those who harbor them. We had no plans to exploit the Afghan people or to impose our values and beliefs on them, but to give them the opportunity to take their destiny in their own hands.