Monday, August 13, 2007

Blues Cruise In.

Yesterday the kids and I went out to my great-uncle's third annual Blues Cruise In car show in Clermont, IN. It's a small show with some really neat cars. They had a blues band and a raffle to benefit Riley Children's Hospital. I didn't stay for the awards ceremony for the car contest, but here are some pictures of my favorites.

It wouldn't be a car show without something outrageous, and here we go. This was the first of many hot rods we saw, and it was the wildest. This one could have been driven right out of the pages of one of Andy Southard's hot rod books.

This one was a little more traditional, except for the admirers. Think they waited a long time to see it?

One of my favorite types of hot rod: the "high boy." If you're not a car person, the high boy is a (usually) 32 Ford that has had the fenders removed, leaving the body sitting high atop the frame. The alternate version, or "low boy," has the body channeled down over the frame.

Here's another neat rod. I like the skinny white walls and the white headers.

The best of the hot rods was this 1934 Ford pickup. It was clean, inside and out.

There weren't very many custom cruisers at the show. This was the most radical. I think it was a '53 Ford.

This is another custom, and one you don't see every day. A 1957 Plymouth Belvedere. The inscription on the fin reads, "Steamy Windows." I'll bet.

Many of the cars were simply restored classics. My favorite was this 1950 Ford convertible.

One word always seemed to describe these cars to me: meaty. I've always been a Ford man, but you can't go wrong with a '57 Chevy.

Another rarity: a 1968 T-Bird. According to the sign in the engine bay, of the approximately 64,000 '68s built, 136 of them were white with black interiors. This is one of them.

I'm not a big truck fan, but this '72 Chevy was so sweet, I had to take a picture. I'd like to do something like this to my dad's 1969 Chevy pickup that's parked beside my house.

Here's something for the Brits out there. A classic Jaguar.

Another one for the Brits. A very clean Triumph.

There were quite a few Mustangs in attendance, one of which was this hot Shelby.

A very nice 1967 Mustang.

There were a slew of GTOs, all of which were in fabulous condition. My favorite is the 1966 model.

The best of the "Goats" was this awesome Judge.

To me, Mopar means muscle. The epitome of that is the 1969 Charger. Also in attendance were a '68 Charger, a 1969 Road Runner (with the lift-off fiberglass hood), and a couple of 'Cudas. Sheer heaven. However, being a purist, I have a couple of critiques of the Mopars. Firstly, the hood of the Road Runner should have been painted flat black; it was glossy. Second, none of them had original engines; they all looked to have the crate engines that you can order from Mopar Action or Muscle Car Review. I can forgive though, since these cars are getting so rare and expensive.

One neat thing about the interior of the '69 shown above. There was no center console and it had a column mounted automatic shifter. Usually these cars are seen with either a floor mounted automatic or manual. The engine was pretty customized, so I think this may have been a base-model Charger that has been dressed up.

Here's one I haven't seen very often: a Malibu. I don't know the exact year, but it must be a '66 or '67.

A muscle car with no muscle. This '66(?) Nova had a straight six under the hood.

The only Corvettes I really like are the late 70s/early 80s version (I believe they are referred to as C3s?). This one was in particularly good shape and absolutely sizzled.

There were a few cars that just didn't quite fit into any category. I'll round out this post with some of those.

How many times have you seen one of these? A Studebaker pickup, hot rodded.

I thought this Mercury was pretty nice. Evidently someone didn't agree with me. (Relax people, the dog's fake.)

That's all for the car show. There were more cars there, and I have pictures of some of them that I may post later on, but these were some of the best. I hope you've enjoyed it, and guys, you can stop drooling and replace your keyboards now.