Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Capitulation: The South Korean Hostages.

In an effort to encourage the release of the hostages in Afghanistan, South Korea aid organizations will pull out within a month. The Taliban can surely smell victory here as they continue to dicker over a meeting site with the South Korean officials.

I can understand the desire of the Korean government and people to see the hostages released, but each concession given to the Taliban just raises the price. They know that the only way to get their thugs turned over to them is to drag out the crisis as long as possible. That's why they've allowed the hostages some medicine and why they haven't killed any more despite the passing of the 'final deadline.' Simply put, the hostages are worth more to the Taliban alive than they are dead. Once the negotiations reach the point of impasse, they'll kill them all and be done with it.

The thing to do is to go along with them until a rescue operation can be attempted. It will be dangerous, but not anymore than if negotiations fail. But it probably won't happen.

Ever at the forefront of a crisis, Hillary Clinton has called on the Afghan Government, the Bush administration, and the international community to work with the South Korean officials to get the hostages released. Where has she been the last three weeks?