Monday, July 9, 2007

A Step on the Journey.

It's amazing how a small thing can have a big impact on your faith walk. Something was bothering me all day today, and I couldn't quite figure out what it was. Even while I enjoyed myself during our trip to the museum, and as I laughed through the movie tonight, I could tell that something was not right.

When I got home, it hit me. I had forgotten to go to the Lord in prayer this morning! I try to lift up my cares and my praises to him each day as I rise, and it really helps me start the day of on the right foot. I hadn't done that today, and I could tell that something was off. I'm not perfect; I usually am behind on reading my Bible, and even though I have a chart of which chapters I should read each day, I usually end up skipping several days, and then catching up all at once. But even so, I try to stay committed to daily prayer.

So, after we got home and everyone was in bed, I sat here and talked to God, praising him for the day we had as a family, and lifting my concerns up to him. I felt better immediately! Being a Christian is about having a personal relationship with God. Reading the Bible and going to church are good steps, but they can really only bring you to the level of acquaintance. I believe that prayer is essential for building a fellowship with the Father.

I don't know where you may be on your own faith journey; maybe you read the Bible every day, maybe you've never read it. But no matter where you are, I encourage you to take time each day and talk to God. Thank him for your life, and for making you all that you are. Tell him your troubles and burdens, and ask for his forgiveness. Don't be afraid to lean on him as you walk, and to ask him to carry the load, for his strength is limitless, and his burden is light.