Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What Kind of Message?

I just read this article at National Review Online. Pay particular attention to this paragraph:

Browse on over to their web magazine for minors,, and you’ll find, among the
question-and-answer, a question from a teen who says she had an abortion “a
little over a month ago,” is pregnant again, and wondering if a second abortion
is safe. Not only does the staff cavalierly tell the girl (who, I
remind you, got pregnant again a month after her first abortion) that abortion
is “very safe” the first or second time around, but that abortion “is much safer
than giving birth.” While they do throw in a line about preventing pregnancy by
using birth control, there’s no talk about adoption or other alternatives — such
as raising the child, and getting help to do so — that a desperate girl could
afford to hear.

One thing that bothers me about the pro-choice movement is their reliance on promoting birth control. I'm not catholic, and I don't think there is anything wrong with a married couple using birth control to prevent pregnancy. What they ignore by pushing birth control to young people is the underlying cancer eating at our society; that is, the permissive attitude towards sex that pervades our culture. Notice that the councilors did not council the girl in the quote above to stop having sex, they simply mentioned birth control and wrongly informed her that abortion is safer than giving birth. What tripe!

If an organization truly wants to advance the cause of protecting women, then they should encourage women not to cavalierly offer themselves to any man that asks. I'm a man, and I know men; many of them would be too happy to take what's offered without any deeper concern. I believe sex is a gift that God has given us, not only for procreation, but to help us strengthen our relationship with our spouse. Such a gift should not be lightly shared with anyone in a casual setting.

As a final note, don't think that because I'm a man I can't understand what women go through when they find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. My wife and I made the mistake of beginning our sexual relationship before we were married, and found ourselves in that very situation. We were not nearly as strong in our faith then as we are now, and I can tell you that we seriously considered getting her an abortion. However, we both had Christian friends that gave us advice without condemnation. I was surprised at first when Alicia called me and said she was keeping the baby, but now I realize that by considering abortion, we were really just trying to dodge the responsibility for what we had done wrong. Thank God we came to our senses.